I think the fact that you had to spend money was the driving force more than people breathing down your neck. Had the experiment gone longer, say a year, you would go back to your usual ways.

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Hey Simon, interesting and fun experiment :)

I wonder if you could share a bit more about your setup, are those Dell 49'' (U4919DW) monitors?


I don't recognize the monitor stand and chair models. Do you remember the brand or models?

Neat setup!

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Glad you enjoyed the post Daniel!

Yep, that's the monitor I'm using.

For the stand I'm using the Adtec Heavy Monitor Stand https://www.amazon.com/Atdec-Stack-Heavy-Monitor-Mount/dp/B0881Y63MX

The chair is a Herman Millar Aeron with a headrest that I unfortunately don't know the brand of.

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There's so much for a therapist to unpack here.

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